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Users can easily manage data by networking U300-C via RS232/485, TCP/IP. Most importantly, all the functions can still operate in a networking state.

U300-C is compatibility with various types of USB flash disks, ADMS and former SDK. It also supports data backup and retrieve to avoid the risk of accidental deletion.It promotes the fingerprint time & attendance management to the next level. You can get the best of benefits from the U300-C.

iClock880-H features ZK’s high performance, high image quality optical fingerprint sensor. The patented optical sensor is resistant to scratches and impact. the device has camera and 3.5” color TFT-LCD display.

The communication interface of the device includes TCP/IP, RS232/485. Backup battery is standard in case of power failure. The device has professional access control function it can be used in multi-factor identification modes including fingerprint, password, RFID card or any combination.

 U260-C เครื่องสแกนลายนิ้วมือ บันทึกเวลาเข้าออกงาน

  • 3,000 fingerprints
  • 100,000 transactions
  • Intuitive and stunning UI designed with the most popular and internationalized element.
  • Interface operation adopts modularized hierarchical design.
  • Simpler, better and more logical.
  • Faster matching speed: Less than 1 second.
  • Great user interactivity.
  • Download: U260-C Brochure English

SO-200 Fingerprint Time Attendance

SO-200 เครื่องสแกนลายนิ้วมือ

  • Fingerprint Time Attendance
  • 1,500 Fingerprints
  • 50,000 Records
  • Desktop design , super slim and elegant appearance
  • Inbuilt high-capacity Li-ion battery
  • 6 shortcut key
  • USB client

Download: Brochure | Device Manual | Installation Manual | Software Manual | Software Download

WS-700E Fingerprint & Card Access Control & Time Attendance

WS-700 เครื่องสแกนลายนิ้วมือ

  • Fingerprint & Card Access Control and Time Attendance
  • 1,500 users
  • 50,000 transactions
  • 3.5’’ TFT screen
  • Camera Photo-ID function
  • 12V lithium ion battery
  • USB port available to ease data transfer
  • Slide cover

Download : Product Brochure | Installation Manual User Manual

ACTAtek Fingerprint & Card Access Control Time Attendance

ACTAtek Fingerprint & Smart Card Access Control Time Attendance

  • Fingerprint & Smart Card Access Control and Time Attendance System

  • 1,000 users (Optional 3,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 users)

  • 75,000 transactions (for 1,000, 3,000, 5,000 users model)

  • Built-in Camera, 500 photos stored

  • Bulit-in Web and Dababase Server

  • IP65

Download: Brochure | Device Manual | Quick Guide

Card 0.8

  • บัตร Mifare 13.56 MHz (contactless Smart Card)
  • รุ่น Mifare1ความจุ 1K ขนาดความหนา 0.76 มม.
  • สามารถอ่านและเขียนข้อมูลลง บัตรได้
  • ใช้งานร่วมกับ หัวอ่านที่เป็น Mifare หรือจะ
  • ใช้งานร่วมกับเครื่อง Finger Scan ที่
  • สามารถอ่านบัตรชนิดนี้ได้


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